Shuaib Llwasa joins International Institute of Social Studies as Professor of Urban Resilience and Global Development

Shuaib Llwasa
Prof. Shuaib Llwasa

Welcome to Professor Shuaib Lwasa who will join the International Institute of Social Studies as Professor of Urban Resilience and Global Development in October 2022.

Shuaib is the founding coordinator of theĀ Urban Action Research LabOpens externalĀ investigating urban transitions and resilience in the global south cities. He focuses on problem-oriented urban development challenges for actionable, scalable, innovative, and equitable solutions around climate change adaptation and resilience for low-income urban populations.

His versatile experience in higher education teaching, research mentoring and working with various stakeholders has enabled co-production of usable knowledge in urban systems transition and transformation.

His recent publications cover topics including climate change adaptation, urban mitigation, spatial planning, disruptive technological innovations for urban infrastructure transitions andĀ disaster risk reduction for urban sustainabilityOpens externalĀ 

He has served on international scientific assessment panels including as a Coordinating Lead Author of IPCC WG3 AR6 for the Urban Systems chapter, a Lead Author for the IPCC Special report on Land and Climate Change and Lead Author of the IPCC WG3 AR5 report on Human settlements and Spatial Planning.

Shuaib has also served on several Scientific Steering Committees for International Research Programmes including Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR), Future Earth - Urban Knowledge Action Network, the Leading Integrated Research in Africa (LIRA) for early career researchers in Africa focused on cities and sustainability and theĀ UNISDR Global Assessment ReportOpens external.

Shuaib will contribute as well to theĀ Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and CitizensOpens externalĀ (VCC) with colleagues from ISS and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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