Dr. Buyana Kareem

Dr. Buyana Kareem
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Buyana Kareem is an interdisciplinary researcher at UAL, committed to advancing Pan-African urban scholarship for global sustainability, through teaching university courses, engaging in collaborative research on societal challenges and public policy support to governments and multi-national agencies. He is co-affiliated affiliated to Makerere University in Uganda (Department of Geography, Geo-informatics and Climatic Sciences) and the University of Florida in USA (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) as a researcher and adjunct assistant professor of urban ethnography respectively.

Kareem has researched and written about topics that matter to the debate and practice of sustainable urban transformations within Africa and the globe, including: gender equality, energy transitions, climate resilience pathways and the co-production of knowledge. His research work seeks to bring on board the broadest range of actors from academia, policy and local communities for science-based public engagements that can trigger the seeding and scaling-up of pathways to sustainable cities, including at the July-2019 United Nations High-level Political Forum on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, held in New York. Kareem earned his PhD in sociology for urban and regional development from Stanford University, California USA. He has several publications attached to his name which can be followed via: ‪Buyana Kareem – ‪Google Scholar
Buyana Kareem, PhD
Makerere University Uganda
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Follow my research work via: ‪Buyana Kareem – ‪Google Scholar