Disan Byaruhanga

Disan Byaruhanga
Researcher/Graduate student
Personnel Type

Byarugaba Disan is a Graduate student in MA.Geography, Makerere University Kampala Uganda. He is currently working as a research assistant under Urban Action Lab which include green energy innovation in Kampala under the AWELIS project and HICCUP.

He has also participated in other research work on flood mitigation processes, location risks on climate change induced flooding in Kampala city’s informal settlements. Disan has been involved in a number of field studies in mountain regions of Uganda including Rwenzori Mountains, Kigezi highlands and Mt. Elgon region where he participated in collecting and analysing data on activities, challenges and climate change adaptation processes by communities in such areas. His other research interests include mountain and wetlands resources management, sustainable tourism development, morphology and geology and climate change.