Humboldt Research Fellowships

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is offering up to 500 Humboldt Research Fellowships 2024 for experienced researchers to undertake long-term study projects (6-18 months) at a research institution in Germany. The fellowship also includes postdoctoral opportunities for durations ranging from 6 to 24 months. Highly qualified scholars and scientists from various disciplines who have completed their doctorate less than 12 years ago are encouraged to apply.

The fellowship is flexible and can be divided into as many as three stays within three years. The primary goal of the program is to facilitate the visit of highly qualified professors from abroad to Germany, allowing them to conduct research and stay in the country. Applicants can choose to split the fellowship into multiple stays over the three years.

The overall aim is to foster international academic collaboration by bringing together scientists and scholars from Germany and around the world. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation aims to support and encourage research excellence while promoting a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise between researchers globally.

Required Documents
Curriculum vitae (two pages max)
Research outline (five pages max)
Complete list of publications
List of selected key publications
Key publications
Doctoral certificate
Recommendation Letters
Job status