Ph.D. Candidate in Geography with a focus on Extreme weather-related Compound Hazards

About the position

The Department of Geography at NTNU has a vacancy for a 3-year Ph.D. position in Geography with a focus on 'Extreme weather-related Compound Hazards: Impacts, Risks, and Sustainable Adaptation in a changing climate (ECH-IRSA)’.

We are looking for a motivated candidate with a keen interest in investigating and understanding the dynamic processes behind weather-related compound hazards that characterize the current changing climate. Understanding these compound weather events is crucial for assessing risks, preparing for impacts, and building better forecast models in the face of climate change and extreme weather conditions, as well as essential for identifying better adaptation strategies that enhance a more sustainable community resilience. 

The Ph.D. candidate will be part of the Spatial and Temporal Analytics research group. The group bases its core activities on the development of new or the adaptation of existing tools and techniques for spatio-temporal analytics, such as representation, exploratory visualization and theories and mathematical model development of spatio-temporal data. Support will be given also from members of the Earth Surface Science research group that works mainly in the physical geography domain, focusing on investigating causes, mechanisms and impacts of different environmental hazards.

Becoming a member of our research groups will make you part of an exciting and stimulating international and multidisciplinary academic environment, open and inclusive, with dedicated colleagues willing to support with theoretical and practical experience, for you to excel in your academic career.

For a position as a PhD Candidate, the goal is a completed doctoral education up to an obtained doctoral degree. 

Your immediate leader is the Head of Department.

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