2025 Centre of African Studies Annual Conference - Call for Papers

Call for Papers

2025 Annual Conference Centre of African Studies, April, 2025
Theme: Climate Dynamics and the Politics of a Post-Carbon Africa.

The ongoing calls for urgent action to mitigate the growing scourge of climate change by transitioning away from fossil fuels are often met with troubling uncertainties about the fate of costly commercial ventures in the petroleum industry, risks to sustainable livelihood bundles, precarious patterns of human mobilities and displacement, and potential violent flashpoints over distributional contentions in multi-sited domains of (post)carbon development. 

The Centre of African Studies (CAS) at the University of Edinburgh invites submissions from scholars and active researchers interested in the socio-technical and political entanglements shaping sustainable energy transitions in Africa. We are particularly interested in submissions that draw from an empirically-grounded and theoretical introspections about an African perspective on the global energy transition drive and climate change

We will prioritise submissions related to the following themes:

  1. Climate-induced unrests and violence
  2. Green jobs, technologies, and infrastructure.
  3. Climate-induced migration and refugees
  4. Just transition and human mobility
  5. Governance and evolving stakeholder networks
  6. Post-carbon artefacts, aesthetics and popular culture
  7. Sustainable urban transformations
  8. Toxicity, pollution, and environmental governance
  9. Green innovations and evolving market niches
  10. Indigenous knowledge and community voices
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