Shuaib Lwasa- Coordinator

Associate Professor, Department of Geography Makerere University Kampala, Uganda Shuaib Lwasa has over 15 years of experience in university teaching and research working on interdisciplinary projects. His recent work has been in the fields of climate change mitigation, adaptation of cities to climate change, urban environmental management, spatial planning, and disaster risk reduction, as well as urban sustainability with links to livelihood systems and vulnerability to climate change. He has published on cities and adaptation to climate change, health impacts of climate change, land and property rights, land use and landscape ecology, resource efficiency, and spatial planning for sustainability. Shuaib coordinates the Habitat University (UNI) climate change and disaster Hub. He also serves on the Science steering committee of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) and the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) of Future Earth.
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Kasaija Peter-PhD Researcher

Peter is currently working as a research associate for ESID’s research on urban pro-poor programming in Uganda, with Diana Mitlin and Sophie King. The research project is a partnership between ESID and the National Slum Dwellers Federation and its support NGO, ACTogether.
His main research interests include informality, governance and climate change adaptation in Uganda. He is also currently engaged with the Urban Action Lab (UAL), which is undertaking research work on green/renewable energy, heterogeneous infrastructure and disaster risk reduction (DRR).


dr_mukwaya-366x470Paul Isolo Mukwayaa

Paul Isolo Mukwaya holds a PhD in Geography from Makerere University Kampala Uganda. He received his B.A. in Geography from Makerere University and a Masters of Philosophy degree in Social Change [Specialising in Geography] from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim Norway. He has broader research interests in: Geography and Society, Development of Geographical Thought; Institutional aspects of environmental change, Human-Environment Interactions Environmental Planning and Design, Traffic and Transport/Infrastructure Planning, Emissions Pathways, Urban Systems Analysis, and climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation.
buyana-kareemBuyana KareemResearcher

Buyana Kareem is a researcher at the Urban Action Lab, Makerere University Kampala, and his main interest is urban sustainability transformations. He is a sociologist with a PhD from the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University California USA. His recent publications have focused on gender-equal adaptation to climate change, urban infrastructure governance and delivery, and transdisciplinarity in an African city.

Buyana Kareem
P.O Box 33145 Kampala
Mob: +2567778884280
Skype: buyana.kareem

AmbroseBuyinza Ambrose Wabwire- M.A Land use and Regional Development

Ambrose has a strong background and superior foundation in physical and spatial land use planning, Geograpical information systems, computer aided design and GPS skills. His undergraduate research focused on the implications of high rise developments on the existing urban infrastructure (Jinja Municipality). Ambrose has worked with many organisations, national and local governments on a variety of projects specifically as a GIS specialist. He is currently undertaking his postgraduate research in Seasonal variability of herbage biomass resources for grazers(cattle and sheep) in Karamoja sub region. Ambrose’s other fields of interest include disaster and risk management, Risk assessment and analysis, advanced GIS, Architecture among others. Ambrose is part of the team building the information base at the UN HABITAT, Makerere University through research.
Diiiisan editByarugaba Disan- M A Geography student

Byarugaba Disan is a Graduate student in MA.Geography, Makerere University Kampala Uganda. He is currently working as a research assistant under Urban Action Lab which include green energy innovation in Kampala under the AWELIS project and HICCUP.

He has also participated in other research work on flood mitigation processes, location risks on climate change induced flooding in Kampala city’s informal settlements. Disan has been involved in a number of field studies in mountain regions of Uganda including Rwenzori Mountains, Kigezi highlands and Mt. Elgon region where he participated in collecting and analysing data on activities, challenges and climate change adaptation processes by communities in such areas. His other research interests include mountain and wetlands resources management, sustainable tourism development, morphology and geology and climate change.

GloriaNakyagaba Gloria N- M A Geography student

Gloria is currently pursuing an MA in Geography under the HICCUP project, which is being run under the Urban Action Lab (UAL), Department of Geography, Geo-informatics & Climatic Sciences, Makerere University. Her research interests include climate change and green energy.
HakimHakimu Sseviiri- M A Geography student
Hakimu has just completed his undergraduate studies majoring in Geography at Makerere University and is currently pursuing his M.A Geography from the he same university. He is working as a research assistant at the Urban Action Lab coordinated focusing on Urban Risk, Green Energy and Heterogeneous Infrastructure. He joined the Urban Action Lab in 2015 and is involved in urban risk and green energy projects within the informal settlements of Kampala. He has done research on food security and climate change under the IHACC (Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change), Soil erosion modeling in Eastern Uganda, evolution of Uganda’s landscapes and ecosystem services. His interests are in urban studies, geomorphology, climate change, disasters, remote sensing and Geographical Information Science.
benonBenon Nabaasa BagumaM A Geography student

Benon Nabaasa Baguma is an MA Geography student at Makerere University. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Conservation Forestry and Products Technology with a 1st class honors. Benon has a strong background and good grounding in natural resources most specifically forest and rangeland resources. His findings have been published as a conference proceeding at the Tharandt “Welcome to Africa Workshop” in Germany. Benon has worked with BRACED MercyCorps Uganda as a field supervisor during the BRACED Baseline Survey in Karamoja. His fields of interest include postgraduate research deeply interested and closely studying the patterns and dynamics of browse forage in the drought stricken Karamoja sub-region of Uganda, nature and dynamics of grazing lands in pastoral communities, Risk assessment and analysis of communities to climate extremes and shocks, Permaculture, Ecology of natural forests and Biodiversity of cities and he is one of the minds actively building the information base at the UN HABITAT, Makerere University through research.
Teddy KisemboM A Geography student