Small and mid-size not mega cities are growing quickest and need protection against extreme events – says a new study

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The UN conference on Cities (UN-Habitat III) is 14 days away and a new study that is a comment in NATURE by an international team of researchers shows that fast-growing small (populations of 0.3-0.5 million) and medium-sized (0.5 to 5 million) cities, especially in Africa and Asia, need more attention. Research and political attention in the past has often been given to the growth of mega-cities, but it will be the rapidly growing small- and medium-sized cities where the success … Read More

Habitat 3 Quito Ecuador, Networking Event (20-October, 2-4 PM, MR 13)

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Emerging innovative solutions to leapfrog urbanizing Africa for sustainability To move towards success and progress on Sustainable Development Goal 11, cities in Africa will have to deal with multi-dimensional aspects of urban development. Linking SDG’s, Climate Change Agreement and Sendai Framework for Disasters Risk reduction, cities in Africa will have to leapfrog to sustainability. Characterized largely as informal, leapfrogging may have to build on the informality foundation with diverse social, economic, physical and infrastructure systems that may offer some possibilities. … Read More

UAL conducts a training workshop on 22nd – 26th/ 08/ 2016 at Makerere University

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The UAL is conducting a training workshop between 22nd and 26th August 2016 at Makerere University. The workshop is a start up activity of a three-year research project dubbed Heterogeneous Infrastructures of Cities in Uganda Project (HICCUP). The project is implemented under a partnership between KTH, Makerere University and Florida State University and ACTogether on Urban infrastructure challenges of the Global-South with urban waste and sanitation technologies as the focus. The workshop is conducted by Henrik Ernstson, Jonathan Silver and … Read More

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