UrbanKnow team Kampala, Uganda and Partners:

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ACTogether, SSA-UHSNET, UHCU, LUCHACOS and KALOCODE community Members at the KNOW inception workshop, at Hotel Africana, discussing pathways to Urban Equality. The Inequality in Kampala is mainly; inaccessibility to sanitation services, the supply of clean water, reliable electricity and good law enforcement due to unfavorable urban policies, bureaucratic tendencies and resistance towards change in investment priorities. Members sited Briquette production, Urban Agriculture, turning Wastes to Energy and Adoption of a participatory approach in policy development and/or policy review versus the existing conventional planning are some of the pathways to Urban Equality that were discussed.
The partners voluntarily committed to the KNOW Project and pledged to ensure that each party involved plays their role to reduce extreme poverty, build resilience of urban areas in the face of disaster and develop prosperity