UAL hosts INTALInC workshop on ‘Transport and Mobility: Pathways to Transformation’ on the 23rd -24th Jan 2018 at Makerere University.

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UAL hosted a workshop on transport and mobility pathways to transformation held at Makerere University. It is the fourth INTALInC international research into practice workshop with nearly 30 delegates in attendance, representing local stakeholders and universities in Ghana, Nigeria,  the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds UK  the University of Manchester and Durham University UK.

The workshop Highlights include; Transforming land use planning for mobility, making neighbourhoods walkable, and affordable. The core aim of transport planning must be to enable people to get to work and school and to access essential goods and health facilities. And must have a kind of solution to address poverty, increase transport and have equitable use of space by non-motorists and building on the existing than tearing down.  Mobility is a key factor in the social and economic development and provides people with access to markets, employment, education and healthcare, and plays a significant role in reducing poverty and must not become an end in itself.  Urban mobility systems ought to be (re) designed with the wellbeing of poor and commuting patterns in mind.