Uganda Housing Cooperative Union Ltd engages stakeholders in a dialogue

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Uganda Housing Cooperatives Ltd engages stakeholders in dialogue on affordable housing In Kampala on 2nd November 2017.
Affordable housing; is it a myth or reality? Uganda Housing Cooperatives gathered stakeholders from across to answer this question. Therese included academia, government of Uganda, private sector and civic organization.
Prof Shuaib Lwasa from Makerere University Urban Action Lab attended the workshop and made a presentation on “research and practice towards achieving affordability”. Key points from his presentation were housing can’t not be viewed as is a product but needs to be understood as “a process”. Housing at all economic levels has to be set in the context of community, involving many people and organizations. If we are to provide affordable housing for all, the public, private and social sectors have to come together. Embracing the informalities in order to provide affordable housing example unlocking the land tenure through land sharing.

The workshop wrapped up with the next steps or way forwards like research on policy and building alternatives which the Urban Action Lab will take on.